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Trucks and Carts


Driving Profits

with Sunbeam!

Introducing the New Sunbeam line of Commercial Vending Moto-Trucks™ and Carts.  Sunbeam Moto-Trucks™ are actually 3-wheel motorcycles – fully licensable for public roads.  Our commercial Moto-Trucks™ are pure electric vehicles so you can drive your business virtually anywhere- even stadiums, fairs, malls, golf courses, hotels and more.


Exclusive Modular


Our business owners have a choice. You can park and do business from the rear of the Moto-Truck™ or you can detach and roll away the vending unit as a portable Vending Cart!  Contact your nearest authorized Sunbeam Dealer today!Car_Tow_Cart_and_Truck_Black_A_edited-1


Mobile Me™

 Your Business on Wheels!

Have a business or Franchise you want to take everywhere? Sunbeam’s Mobile Me™ program creates a custom vehicle specifically branded for YOUR business! Whether you are starting your own new business, or you currently own a franchise and need a way to reach more customers, our Mobile Me™ program is the answer.

Mobile Me™ is a complete turn-key mobile version of your business – complete with all the branding, wraps, signage, and even t-shirts and uniforms! YOUR business on wheels. Best of all, our Mobile Me™ program can be included in the price of your Sunbeam truck!

Easy to Buy

Sunbeam commercial Moto-Trucks are a terrific value and just as easy to finance as any other motorcycle or car. If you can qualify for a car loan you can finance our Moto-Truck™ – which includes the Vending Unit designed for YOUR business! They are the first motorcycles that really do pay for themselves and MUCH more!

Flexable Towing Options

Our commercial Moto-Trucks™ can travel up to 100 miles per charge*.  But did you know you can also tow them anywhere? Our exclusive modular design gives you the choice and flexability of how you want to transport your business.  You can tow the Moto-Truck™ with the Vending Unit and once you arrive, simply un-hitch and drive the Moto-Truck™ to all your favorite spots.  You can also hitch directly to the Vending Unit alone and still tow your mobile business anywhere!Trailer_W_Cart_AA_edited-1


Modular Truck Bed

Want to get more use from your Moto-Truck™?  Pop-on the optional modular truck bed and your ready for action! Great for commuting and hauling projects – it even tilts to help unload. Our modular truck bed comes standard with our Mobile Me™ program.

Complete Versatility!

Want to carry even more inventory? Easily convert your Moto-Truck™ to a pick-up, slide the vending unit onto the modular trailer, and tow the vending unit with you! Our modular trailer comes standard with our Mobile Me™ program. See your local Sunbeam dealer today!


All Weather Removable Top with lighting

and Warm Radiant Heat

Each unit comes with our large 9 foot dia. umbrella canopy for excellent protection under the sun or rain. Our large all weather removable top is also available for protection in rugged climates. Pop-on the overhead lights and radiant heater and stay toasty even in those cold snowy nights – you can even zip on our clear canvas wall enclosures!Canvas_A_edited-1

Tax Rebates

Since our Moto-Trucks™ are Pure Electric Green Vehicles, thousands of dollars in tax incentives or rebates may also be available. Consult your local tax professional.

Optional Quad-Fuel™ System

WEB_Quad_Fuel_Logo-03-30-111_edited-2-300x200Our Moto-Trucks are also available with Quad-Fuel™ on-board electric generators. They can not only charge on-the-go, but they also provide 110v power for your mobile business !