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Own the “gas station” with a Sunbeam Solar Hybrid™!

Sunbeam’s exclusive optional Solar Electric Stripes™ are available for your car AND your home. Re-fuel your ride completely by the sun! With more Electric Stripes™ added to the roof of your home you can also dramatically reduce your home power bills!

Unused Potential

Your homes roof is an enormously underused resource. It’s like having a big backyard and never playing in it. Adding Solar converts your roof to your own electric power plant.

Want more Power night or day? Add a Sunbeam® wind generator to your roof or yard. Simple to install and amazingly efficient, our wind generators can make your home completely self sufficient AND keep your Sunbeam® car charged and ready for action!

Sunbeam® Quad-Fuel™ vehicles can run on your choice of fuels; gasoline, propane, natural gas, or pure electric power. With Sunbeam’s Electric stripes™ and Wind Generators you really can own your own gas station!