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Sunbeam Solar

Electric PowerPorts™

Sunbeam PowerPorts™ are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, which not only provide incredible amounts of power, but also provide a terrific highlight to most any landscape.

Design and use of our PowerPorts™ are limited to your own use and imagination. Whether you want to be a new Sunbeam® Dealer and incorporate the Sunbeam® Franchise Sign with our PowerPorts™, or you just want to create your own unique living space, patio, or custom carport, our designers are ready and eager to help.

Sunbeam Solar

Hybrid PowerPorts™

It has been estimated that the average monthly cost per home just to keep hot water accounts for up to 30% of your energy bills! Our Solar Hybrid PowerPorts™ also incorporate special “Clear” Solar Radiant Heating Tubes that can provide all the hot water your home needs.

Our Dark Bronze Solar Radiant Tubes produce a lot of hot air that you can use to heat your home, even in the winter!

Sunbeam PowerPorts™

Powerful, Portable, Practical

The practical benefits of PowerPorts™ are amazing. They can not only be used as your personal clean, powerful electric company, but they can also fuel your transportation, heat your homes, and even your hot water!

But did you also realize that they can be portable? Most people after realizing the incredible long term benefits of solar energy end up using unsightly old fashioned solar panels that need to be bolted to the roof of their home or business- forcing them to have to walk away from their investment when they relocate.

PowerPorts™ are wonderfully attractive and can travel with you when you relocate to  your new home or business.


All can power your entire home!

Sunbeam PowerPorts™ may be stylized using a variety of different materials to match your preferred design goals.

Whether you use stone, wood, or even various metals to accent your PowerPort™, the finished look and function is only limited by your imagination.  Here are only a few finished examples utilizing the same PowerPort™- essentially, the only difference between them is accent materials!

PowerPort™ used as a carport…  The same PowerPort™ used as a Patio…

Build It Yourself

Sunbeam also offers a wide variety of PowerPort™ Kits you can use to assemble and install your own solar electric power station.

Contact  your nearest Sunbeam Dealer for details.

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