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Almost 100 Years Ago…

The first human in the history of the world to travel over 200mph was not in an airplane – he was in a Sunbeam®. 50 year’s ago it was James Bond’s first car.


it’s not just a Sunbeam®, it’s also Powered By Sunbeam™

Building A New Future

Imagine a car company with dealers that not only offer a terrific line of amazing new performance cars, trucks, ATV’s and more, but also provide ways you can fuel your vehicle AND your home and business with electricity made by the sun.

Today, we can exceed past performance and not use a drop of gasoline. Let us show you how you can power your future with Sunbeam®.

Sunbeam®, We Revolve Around You™


Sunbeam® provides a full line of specialty vehicles including their exclusive PowerPorts™ Line: a beautiful, powerful, and versatile way to produce an incredible supply of on-going electric power.

PowerPorts™ can be placed and moved almost anywhere, effectively becoming your own portable on-site electric company for your home or business.  Sunbeam® PowerPorts™and electric vehicles are only available at your local Sunbeam® New Car Dealer.

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